Aaron Glaser is a comedian. Word.


YES - “I want to be there… Firm maybe, but most likely not.”

MAYBE - “I want to say ‘no,’ but I don’t want you to hate me.”

NO - “I hate you.”

AWAITING REPLY - “I don’t even know who you are. I would un-friend you if I didn’t place so much value on having a large number of Facebook friends.”

Sorry Dad - watch more funny videos

Sorry Dad

Aaron Glaser says sorry to his dad for being a bad son

Shot by David Sidorov & Rob Tanchum

Edited by Aaron Perlman-Price

This Friday…

This Friday…

Aaron Glaser, UCB performer and friend of The Moon, tells a few standup comedy jokes of his own.

Moonshine was a standup comedy showcase produced by The Moon and David Cope at the People’s Improv Theatre on Aprill 22, 2011.

Shot by:
Alex Fischer
Timothy Whitney
Ellis Bahl

Edited by:
Alex Fischer